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Tantalizing flavours to tantalise your taste buds! Try our 74 Cakery 100ml e-liquid now!

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  • 100ml

Product Description

▶Strawberry Cupcake: Strawberry Cupcake, the thing dreams are made of.
Follow the yellowcake road and take a journey into the strawberry fields.
Experience true splendor at its finest, and reward yourself with a delectable treat
that's sure to leave you amazed.

▶Blueberry Cupcake: Blueberries are everyone's grandmother's best friend.
If you were lucky enough to enjoy grandma's blueberry cupcakes
as a kid be prepared to take a trip down memory lane.
If not, well it's your turn to finally experience the magnificence of the
perfected blueberry cupcake.

▶Lemon Cupcake: The lemon cupcake we have formulated for you all to enjoy
shares no resemblance to anything you have tasted before.
The lemon is welcoming in all its citrusy glory and provides a
unique flavor of tartness. The passion that this juice is made with is just the icing
on the cupcake.