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The boldest nicotine salt e-liquid! Ecigara Salt 30ml - nicotine satisfaction without compromise.

40AED 50AED(-20%)

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  • 30ml
  • 60ml

Product Description

Bano by eCigara boasts smooth tobacco tannins infused with a creaminess that will transport your taste buds to a Cubano state of mind. You’ll experience vanilla vibes with every exhale. The fresh, fulfilling flavors blended together to bring the warm tobacco aromas to life.

Los Ice by eCigara brings that juicy watermelon burst without the mess. Melon meets menthol with a satisfyingly sweet yet cool concoction.

Fresh and frosty, you’ll be feeling fine with Moody Mint by eCigara.

Purple Rain by eCigara is childhood nostalgia blended with the chill factor that every adult needs. It’s candy-coated and grandiose in grape.