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Rich taste and smooth clouds. Enjoy LitQuid 60ML e-juice!

35AED 45AED(-22.22%)

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  • 60ml

Product Description

Litquid was crafted for those who want more from their e-juice. The ones looking for an all-day vape they can enjoy without constantly overwhelming their palate. These four flavors from LITquid represent the perfect amount of flavor and subtlety that is needed, in order to ensure a superior vaping experience.

General Custerd: A perfect & harmonious combination that takes the creamy custard profile to the next level with a hint of bourbon.

Get Figgy: A well balanced fig pastry sure to please any fig newton lover with delicious fig notes and undertones of soft warm fresh baked cookies.

Nutz O' Honey: A classic breakfast cereal with subtle notes of honey and just a smidgen of banana, perfectly married with milk and cream. No overwhelming honey flavor here!

RY4sho: This light tobacco has few elements within its core that complement the custard and soft touch of cappuccino added for the perfect RY4 experience.