Coming with 3mg nicotine with amazing Flavors. Made In USA, PG/VG : 50/50. SAM VAPES Salt-Nic (Blast Berry) is a hypnotic & refreshing blend of strawberries, blueberries, juicy raspberries & candy grape

60AED 70AED(-14.29%)

Flavor: *
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  • 120ml

Product Description

What flavors does Sams vape juice come in?

Available flavor: Blast Berry, Frozen Blast Berry, Grape Xtreme, Frozen Grape Xtreme, Grape Splash, Mango Crush, Frozen Mango Crush, Mello Melon, Frozen Mello Melon, Tropx Xplod, Frozen Tropx Xplod, Xede, Frozen Xede Ice, Lime Berry, Sweet Berry, Sweet Melon, Frozen Sweet Melon.